Buried Witch Cake

I am not sure where this wonderfully creative cake originated from, so I cannot credit its original creator. I can, however, share my easy version of making a cake that your children and grownups will not only love but be impressed by. I have been making buried witch cakes for at least 15 years and my boys love it every time!


Cake Recipe 

You can use either a chocolate box cake or your favorite homemade chocolate cake recipe. I do both depending on my time crunches. If using a box, follow the directions and make 2 round cakes.

Let both cakes cool completely on a rack.

Place the first round cake on a decorative Halloween platter and spread the top with a chocolate fudge icing. Again either homemade or store bought will work. 

Crumble the second layer and sprinkle onto the cake to resemble dirt (see photo for guidance).

Next is the fun part: making the marzipan witch.